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Wide Crack Repair Using Mastic

Wide cracks can be sealed with crackseal making them waterproof but they will never look flush.  As the sealer cools it holds fast to the sides, but sags in the middle or “hammocks” and loses that level and uniform look you want.  You would think that adding more sealer would fill it in and believe…

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Preventative Maintenance

Summer is the season to kick your pavement repair efforts into overdrive. Our project managers and crew swear by preventative maintenance as a cost-efficient way to maximize pavement life while minimizing risk. Follow a PM Plan: As its name suggests, preventative maintenance prevents further deterioration of a parking lot through corrective measures such as patching…

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Make Cracks Go Away!

Asphalt cracks creep up on you. One day the lot looks smooth and black, and the next, the color has faded and the surface has cracks spider webbing out, expanding, and deepening, creating tripping hazards while ruining the look of your property. Cracks in your parking lot are a problem not just because they make…

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Why Sealcoating Is A Must

Asphalt has that deep black color that really highlights the overall look and value of your property. Unfortunately, that black color only lasts a short time, as weather and time takes a toll and eventually render it a drab gray. To restore and prevent asphalt decay, sealcoating can leave your lot looking as black as…

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